Facebook Is Sapping My Soul

I'm way behind on my blog and Facebook is to blame. I didn't get a Bingo of the Week posted here Saturday, and almost nothing at all for 4 whole days because some dumb S.O.B. set me up with a Facebook account. (Oh, wait a minute, I guess that dumb S.O.B. would be me...)

Its not just that. Some of my best humor is going up on Facebook, where it only lasts for a day at the most, rather than here, where it is more permanent and readily accessible. That's like being a stand-up comic in a chat room. Sure, some people will laugh, but unless the tapes are rolling, it will not be left for posterity. Just think where we'd be if no one had taped Richard Pryor or George Carlin or Lenny Bruce.

Not that I'm comparing myself to those geniuses of wit. Just pointing out that time is a fleeting thing, and if I ignore the future in favor of the present, there will only be a few vague memories of things past.

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