Global Warming, My Wet Patootie!

I live in south Texas, where the average temperature rarely gets below freezing (32°F ) even at night. And in April especially, it is warmer than the rest of the country by comparison. According to the Weather website, the average is around 60° at night, but recently it has been in the 40s. And once last week it was down to 33°.

Years ago, scientists tried to warn us there was another coming ice age, that the world was getting colder. Now the threat du jour, courtesy of whacknut former vice-president al Gore, the world is supposedly getting hotter. Really? Then why the %&*$# am I having to wear long johns and a blanket to bed? At the average of 60°, I would be sweating with my warm-natured body, but instead, I need to bundle up.

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