Driver's Ed.: It's Not Just for Teenagers Anymore

I took driver's education in high school 30 some odd years ago, but even past that ages ago event, I remember what I learned. It's too bad that, apparently, some people forget or more likely just ignore what they learned in the same class.

Today, while going down the road on a four lane road, I saw the approach on the other side of a fire truck. I was told that (in Texas at least, but I'm sure it's the same in other states) you are to pull over and come to a stop, unless traffic conditions make it impossible to do so. (Like on the interstate).

So I obeyed what I know to be the law. People on the same side of the road, however, passed me. One driver, who was behind me at the time, pulled out into the other lane and I heard the impatience he must have had in the tromp on his gas pedal to get around me.

One time, a couple of years ago, I witnessed what was an event that was even more irking to me. Again, I was travelling down the opposite side of the road when i saw an approaching ambulance. The driver was hampered by the fact that no one seemed willing to give up the road, despite the lights and sirens. And that was on the opposite side. The same thing occured on my side of the road with people passing me, a lane which would, and SHOULD, have been available for the ambulance driver if the law was follwed. I can only hope that whomever the emergency involved survived.

No one is above the law, but apparently that only matters if it's not an inconvenience.

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Sling said...

I ride a bicycle every where,and it's like a battlefield of self-absorbed jerks out there,determined to get where they are going,even if that means taking over the space my bike is in!..
Crosswalks and bike lanes don't mean a thing to them,so why should they let a little thing like emergency vehicles interrupt their busy day?