How We Gonna Feed Our Children?

Popeye's Runs Out of Chicken

You gotta see this video. It's just too ridiculous to be believed.

In essence, a news crew filmed a bunch of people ranting about a local Popeye's in Rochester, New York running out of chicken during a special, and closing up. Some of the comments made by these people are just unbelievable. One woman wanted to know how she was going to feed her children since she couldn't get Popeye's chicken. Hey sweetheart, you know what a freakin' stove is for?

And if notice, most of the people in the video have cell phones. So you're telling me you can afford $50 or so a month for a cell phone, but you can't afford to spend a couple of bucks more by going to KFC or Church's? I'm willing to bet they weren't out of chicken. You people need to get a life. Not everything revolves around you, no matter what your momma told you.

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