Layoffs Hit Home

I've been in a funk since Monday. Not only did I get laid off, but they waited around until after I clocked in to tell me.

To understand the reason why this is bad, you have to understand that I go in an hour early, and sit and read in the break room until time to clock in. This is not an occasional thing, this is every day routine. Not only that, but all the bosses KNEW I was there, so why wait until I clocked in to tell me? For that matter, why not call me to come in early, so I could get a quicker jump on the day?

I've been given to understand that I will be getting around $400 a week from unemployment, so it will be close to what I was pulling before the layoff. And given time, (and intelligence in D.C. [uh-oh]) the economy will bounce back. Until then, I will be even more sporadic here than I have been. Just not in the mood.

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Daisy said...

I'm sorry to hear you have been laid off, Quiggy. It seems like nearly every day here in our town, the local newspaper talks about another company laying people off. The library where I work is cutting back to shorter hours this summer starting June 1. I still have my job for now, but there is a renewal levy up to support us this fall, and if it doesn't pass (which seems likely) I may lose my job then. Hope things will work out for you OK. Hang in there.