Barguments: Topic #2

From page 21:
What is the most exciting sports event of the year?

I'll give you a couple of hints:

1. There is only one game for all the marbles, not the best of five or six or seven. One team comes out the rest go home and sulk until next year.

2. If that doesn't give it away, the current one is due to kick off in 6 days.

Of course, its the Super Bowl. And if theyd just take out the halftime shows, it would be perfect. The best commercials get their start on the Super Bowl, too. And time and again, the most memorable moments of sports are in the Super Bowl. Adam Viatieri's field goal with 7 seconds left in Super Bowl XXXVI. Lynn Swann's two big catches in Super Bowl X. Ricky Sanders' 80-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XXII (all the more memorable for me because I was attending SWTSU and in the dorm lobby with a bunch of guys watching the game and the entire lobby erupted in cheers when the screen said "Ricky Sanders from SWTSU") (even the Broncos rooters cheered...)

I love the Super Bowl more than all the others also, because it was the one sport I wanted to play in school, but I was way too small. I could've tried out for baseball, but found it boring. I was short for basketball, but Muggsy Boggues was an inch shorter than me and he had a pretty good pro career, so it may not have been a foredrawn conclusion... But football was my favorite sport from grade school on to watch.

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Howard Bagby said...

I rarely actually watch sports. I do follow the results, but that's all. Of course the fact that I have to work and it starts during my sleep time is another reason.