Attack of the Weird Movie Titles

The following has been posted before by me on different websites, in various forms, but the gist is always the same. The titles are real movie titles. (The comments in parentheses are mine, so laugh at them or blame me if they bomb)

Alone in the T-shirt Zone- (amazingly, the sequel, "Alone in the Wet T-shirt Zone" never got made...)

Hillbillies in a Haunted House- (Better known by its alternate title "Jethro Bodine Finally Scores")

Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid- (Look out! Hes got a pocket protector!)

A double feature:
Bad Girls From Mars-
Bad Girls Go To Hell- (Hmmmm. this could mean trouble....)

Mars Needs Women- (See, I told you so!)

Oh Dad, Poor Dad! Mamma's Hung you in the Closet And I'm Feeling So Sad- (But could you move over? I need to get my shoes...)

Angels Hard as They Come- (Imagine my surprise. Its not a porno flick...)

Where's Poppa?- (Isn't he still hanging out in the closet?)

Another double feature:
Its Dead! Lets Touch It!
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things- ( But we will anyway. Won't we guys? Guys....?)

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies- (That explains where you guys went....)

Please Don't Eat My Mother- (Actually, we've come for your daughter, Chuck.)

Redneck Zombies- (gaaaawwwwleee! yew look good enuf to eat!)

Don't Look in the Basement- (The attic ain't so hot, either...)

Hope you enjoyed it

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