UFOs and You

The pod people are coming! And the little green men from Mars are already here!

I was once a believer, I admit, but over the years, age has made me a cynic. I have never seen anything yet to make me think that there are aliens among us. I have, however, twice seen flying objects that I could not identify. However, here is the nub: Just because I couldn't figure out what they were does not inherently mean they were objects piloted by otherworldly creatures.

If you had seen a stealth aircraft before it was unveiled to the public, you probably would have thought it was an alien craft, at least if you were susceptible to such thoughts in the first place. It looked like nothing that had ever been flown before in the Earth's skies. But the fact is it is man-made technology that created it.

Which brings me back to the two sitings. One day I saw what, to me, looked like three balloons clustered tightly together, floating across the sky. It moved in a staight and steady line, not bobbing at all, like it would have if they had been balloons. And besides, there was no wind to be blowing them if that had been the case. Do I think aliens were piloting a ship designed to look like a cluster of ballons? Absolutely not.

The other siting was much more mundane, a triangle shaped craft that passed over my head at a fairly low altitude, without any engine sound that I could detect. It was easily identifiable as a man-made aircraft, however. Why? Because it had running lights on the underside. No alien aircraft would have need for running lights for interstellar travel. Thats like having the Enterprise make banking turns in the Star Trek films. The only need for banking is to combat resistance from wind, and there is no wind in space.

The conspiracy theorists are all the offspring of Dave Gribble from King of the Hill, and Fox Mulder. They all have an inherent distrust of the government and are willing to believe that it is capable of anything, mostly to deceive the public, and keep us from learning the "truth". I prefer to remain entrenched in reality, however, and until I have actual physical proof which my senses cannot deny, I still think of it as a crackpot theory.

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