The Schedule (subject to change at the author's whim, or lack of computer access...)

Now that I am back online, here is what you can expect as regular features in the coming weeks, months and years (assuming God lets me live beyond today.)

Monday: Sunday Night at the Movies: Each Sunday, I will be setting aside time to watch either a classic movie of bygone days or a recently released movie. You can except a no-holds barred criticism or a gushing accolade or something in-between on my Monday report.

Wednesday: Bingo of the Week: I'm bringing back a feature I tried to get going last time around for any Scrabble-heads out there reading this blog. For those who don't know, in Scrabble, a bingo is a word that uses all 7 letters in your rack.

Friday: Smile, the Weekend's Coming: This will be a feature containing jokes and cartoons I either heard or found on the net.

Anything else will be at my whim. I'll try to keep it interesting.

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