Take this Bag and Shove It

It never fails. I go to Taco Hell, Jack-in-the-Crack, Mickey Dees. I go through the drive-thru and order up a burger or whatever passes for edible in these joints and specifically ask to be given it with no bag. The point is to try to save the bag for the next customer. It's not a "green" thing, I just don't want to waste the damn bag.

What happens is, either I get some kind of argument that its "company policy" to give me the bag (B***S***, if that's the case then even walk-in orderers would be given the stuff in a bag) or else, they take the stuff out of the bag (after I already told them before they bagged it I didn't want one) and then wad the bag up and throw it away. That's exactly what I was trying to avoid, Poindexter.

Of course, one of the arguments they give me is they can only do it that way if I walk in. Fine, unlock the damn front door, I wanted to walk-in anyway. The point here is all of my drive-thru shopping is because the walk-in doors are already locked. I want to disabuse you of that idea from the outset. I don't use the drive-thru because I'm lazy, but because its my only option. I get off at 11 at night, and I want a snack. Where am I gonna go? Get greasy day old hot dogs on stale buns at the convenience store?

I thought there was a standard in this country that the customer is always right. Apparently, "Have it your way" went out with platform shoes, because I can't seem to get it my way, even if I am the only person who does want it that way...


Daisy said...

They probably are just so used to doing it that way it has become a habit, but it seems like if you ask for it without the bag, they ought to be able to do that.

Welcome back and happy new year to you!

Howard Bagby said...

As far as I know there is no policy that the items have to be bagged. I chalk it up to their routine. They are all timed on how fast it takes to serve the customer so they go ahead and bag. Instead of admitting that they made a mistake they tell you it's policy.

Welcome back.

Winthrop J. Quiggy said...

I heard on the radio a few months ago, that there is a plan in the works to start charging people for bags at grocery stores and the like. Maybe they are trying to get people ready for excess bags to up their profit margin.