Show Me the Money

I have been doing several things at work that a supervisor is supposed to do. I filled in over the past few years when our last supervisor was on vacation. The sad news is he passed away the day before Thanksgiving.

I continued to fill in, doing things like locking up over the holidays and checking on the night's production, the same things I did when he was not there. But I never expected (nor for that matter, really wanted the responsibility of) the official supervisor's job, which would have included an increase in pay, but also an increase in responsibility.

Of course, sure enough, they called back another of my fellow formerly laid off coworkers, and gave him the supervisor's job. Yesterday, I was asked why I hadn't filled out the paperwork for shift production on Monday. I informed the person in charge that that should now be the job of the official supervisor, and that I had told him the night before where the paperwork was and what to do to fill it out.

The PIC wanted me to still do that, but I was insistent that if our former supervisor had been in charge of doing it, then it should now be the job of the person hired to replace him. I think the PIC might be a little afraid of confronting new people because he seemed reluctant to go talk to the new supervisor, but I remained steadfast in the fact that I should not be doing what a supervisor was paid to do.

Sometimes you gotta just bite the bullet. Stepping up to fill in where needed is something I seem to be willing to do, but doing the job of another seems to me akin to being paid minimum wage to be a doctor.


Howard Bagby said...

I totally agree with you. You were nice enough to fill-in, but once someone has the position it is their job. I have been in retail management, both as department head and as salaried assistant. I have had the offer to go into Wal-Marts management program. It would be a huge raise, but I don't want the stress. I want to go in, do my thing, and go home.

Daisy said...

I don't blame you. They aren't paying you to do it. It's not your job. Why do it? Most jobs these days, they don't even pay you enough to do your own job, let alone do someone else's job too.