Barguments Topic #4

from page 247:
You've been accused of murder. You can pick one attorney from television to represent you. Who do you hire?

Geez. The first question I have is "Am I guilty?" (There are a couple of people who only for lack of the proper weapon at the time who have escaped my being in that situation...)

For the purpose of the topic, though, lets assume I'm innocent, and being falsely accused. There are several who come to mind right off the bat:

Perry Mason:

Has the advantage because he "never lost a case". But hold the phone, Mason did lose at least one case, and in the TV series, he lost three.

Ben Matlock:

Well, I like the man, but those down-home homilies can get pretty annoying. Its kind of like having Jed Clampett as your parole officer. You get a good representation, but you gotta put up with the hog waller.

Dan Fielding:

Well, only if the prosecuting attorney is a homeless midget with an affectation for bright pink ties. Then my attorney might offend him enough to drop the case....

And the winner is: Charles Kingsfield!

As the hard-nosed professor of law (and former attorney, whom I would convince my case was well worth coming out of retirement for), Kingfield has the personality, verve and keen intuition to make it as the best legal defender. And besides, he gets it, because he did it the old-fashioned way.

He eeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrned it.

(If you have to ask, you are too young...)

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Howard Bagby said...

I'd go with Perry Mason. He just didn't lose.