Super Bowl XLIV

The New Orleans Saints used to be the whipping boys of the NFL. Everybody loved when the Saints were on the schedule because it usually meant a win. (Kinda like the Detroit Lions are these days.) They had a few stellar seasons, but even then they almost always lost in the first playoff game.

My late fiancee, Glenda, was an example of the true Saints fan, faith exemplified in the fact that she never gave up on them, and although I never met her before their new heyday, I'd be willing to wager she never wore a bag over her head to a game. She was the personification of true fan. I hope wherever she was in the next life she's gone on to, she got to see this triumph.

The Saints are third on my list of teams to root for (the first two being the Houston Texans and the second being whoever is playing the Dallas Cowboys), so i was at a bar watching the game with lots of fans for both sides. The contingent of N.O. rooters was pretty silent the first half, but I did my best to keep up their spirits with comments like "They started slow against Minnesota, too."

"Who Dat?" Nation has a right to celebrate. Wish I could be in the French Quarter this week.

I quit drinking back in June of last year, so this was my first time to watch a Super Bowl sober since about 1979 (when I was still under age...) For that reason, I guess some of the commercials that I might have liked when I was drinking came off as just plain annoying sober. The Bud Light commercial where the people build a bridge of bodies to get the beer truck across a gorge where the real bridge was down was one of those. As far as the commercials, Betty White and Abe Vigoda playing football in the Snickers commercial, the fiddling beaver for Monster.com and the one for kgb, a communications company, I think, in which two guys had to find out how to say "I surrender" in Japanese to a sumo wrestler (the loser says "Bring it on fat man") were the funniest.

Now I have to endure a six-month long dry spell until the next season starts, but it was a great ending for a 2009-10 season.

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Peter Falconer said...

It was such an incredible game and season. I cannot believe it. Once next week comes around and reality hits that there is no more football for a while it will be a big space to fill but these memories will last forever.