Saturday Night at the Movies:9 to 5 (1980)

OK, I admit, being a male, that I might be disinclined to like this movie just based on that sole fact. So be it. But before you make that accusation you need to realize that I like several movies where the women get the upper hand in the business world. (Legally Blonde is a prime example. I think that one is hilarious.)

The characters are not exactly cardboard here, although I find Dolly Parton to be the most unbelievable singer turned actress ever to come across the big screen (and I actually like her as a singer). Lily Tomlin is the highlight of the movie and the only real shining star in an otherwise boring and unattractive comedy.

The DVD I got is loaded with special features and those were more interesting than the movie. I rate this one 1½ stars. And that is hightened by Tomlin otherwise I'd give it a resounding ½ star.

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