Barguments: Topic #7

From page 79: Which U.S. city has the best food? With a twist: Which has the best music?

As far as food is concerned, well, I haven't had the chance to eat in a lot of cities that aren't located in Texas. I've been to New Orleans, and I've been to D.C. (and a couple of stops on the way to D.C., but apparently they were pretty forgettable because I can't remember where they were).

All in all, I have to say the far superior experience was New Orleans. In particular, I went to a regular dine-in restaurant in the Garden District, Copeland's, that was owned by the same guy who owned the Popeye's chicken franchise. Had a bowl of gumbo that was fantastic. Also I stayed at the Clarion on Canal Street, and just a block or two up Canal was a little hole-in-the-wall Po'Boy shop that made an oyster po'boy that was worth every penny.

As for music, well, they don't call Austin the music capital of the world for nothing. No matter what your tastes, there's a venue for it; piano bars, rock halls, country taverns, jazz bistros etc. And 6th St. is as far as you have to go. It's a party atmosphere every night of the week. Thursday is the best night though, because most bars have no cover to get in.

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