Here he comes! There he goes!

Due to numerous problems with my old computer, (including the fact that it had Windows 98 on it and I had no chance of upgrading with the system I had), I have been having trouble getting on to here and a few other sites. I invested in a new system yesterday. With the package deal, I got Windows 7, a far bigger gig, and let's just say I can whip in and out of the drive-thru before the next person has even decided what to order.

No more freezes, no more problems with certain websites not being accessible or usable (Facebook let me log on, but I couldn't do squat when I got there). I guess since my home PC sat idle for 3 years while I worked on other financial priorities, like a new car, I should have expected it to be obsolete, but I really thought I could make do. Apparently not. But now I'm in the 2010s. And good to go until this one becomes obsolete (I'm guessing sometime next Tuesday...?)

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