Barguments #9

The Basrguments thread returns.  This weeks Bargument comes from page 14: Name the best television theme song of all time:

 Here's the biggest question I had with this.  Can you like a theme song and not like the TV show?  I hate soap opras, and even more so the thinly disguised soap operas that pass for nighttime shows, like Melrose Place, the OC, and others, (though I don't watch much TV these days, so my knowledge is limited to before 2009)  That said, one of my favorites is the opening to Beverley Hills 90210, even though I never watched the show.

I always liked the hard driving Lots of horns type themes the best.  These almost always accompanied the action shows, for which I also had more of a liking.  The coolest ones were almost always instrumental.  The A-Team, Magnum P.I. and Petr Gunn to name a few had the driving beat (and of course, who would really get into an action show if the opening theme was Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ?)

Every website and TV show I've seen on this subject names Cheers as the show with the number one theme song.  Although I will agree that it is pretty good, it still doesn't inspire me to excitement.  Neither does the theme to my absolute favorite TV show, Monk.  (I mean, Randy Newman...really? Short People and I Love L.A. weren't enough of an annoyance to inflict on the public?)

Which brings me down to the entry that takes the blue ribbon.  and that is...

Just the opening drum roll alone would be enough to bring it into the top ten.  Then there's those horns.  And while Dick Dale and surf music are kinda dated this far into the 21st century, I do like that music that makes me think of surfing.  And this is one of the few that still gets played on the radio, with or without a reference to Hawaii or the TV show.  (When was the last time you heard the Cheers theme on the radio?  'nuff said.)


Candy's daily Dandy said...

For some strange reason the theme song to "Maude" is running through my head...."right on Maude."

Daisy said...

Hawaii five-o is definitely a memorable one. I'm not sure what my number one pick would be. Too many to choose from.