Time and Tide

I was looking online yesterday, because i was curious what Grace Slick's (of Jefferson Airplane) real name was.  I was surprised to find out the girl has gotten OLD.  Of course, she's only slighly younger than my father, which I did not know until I looked it up. (And FYI, her name is Grace Barnett Wing) . But age has taken hold of her.

Yes, I know, it does everybody.  Even me.  I don't look like the twin of my high school graduation picture anymore.  But I got to wondering how the other heartthrobs of my younger days were looking now.  And at the risk of being called chauvinistic, I decided to post a few of them.

Linda Ronstadt

Olivia Newton-John

But not all have aged badly.  Some look pretty damn good for their age....

Emmylou Harris

Stevie Nicks

(she's the one on the left.  Lindsey Lohan just wishes she'll look that good at that age...)

Hollywood, being Hollywood, you can't say for sure whether these pictures are the real results of age or if the good-looking ones just have more plastic in their bodies than a truck of bottled water.  And this is not meant as a commentary on getting old as much as a regret that our fleeting fantasies of the beauties of our memories do not keep up with the reality.  I still have my Farrah Fawcett poster from the 70's, but even she barely resembled it towards the end of her life.  And I'd still rather remember Ann_Margret ca. 1964 (Viva Las Vegas )  than from the 1990s ( Grumpy old Men


Norm Hetland said...

Mistah Quiggy,

It's damn hard for me to believe that NOBODY has ventured a comment about this post in what, almost a year and a half? I was just Googling Olivia Newton-John to see if she is or is not better looking than the woman who is rapidly becoming the one true love of my life. (Said woman ain't exactly convinced of this yet, but like Huey Lewis, we'll be workin' on it.)

Two tentative conclusions:

1. Nope. My prospective otloml is (a) better looking (close one here), and (b) far better built (not close at all) than ON-J. Now Ms. O is and has long been a definite looker, but that (recent?) photo of her is by far the worst I've seen. Evidently the years since her S.O. disappeared have been hard on her. Too bad; she's still an absolute princess in my frogbook.

2. You, sir, are running quite a passel of blogs here -- some more up to date than others; and all of them, sooner or later, side-splitting. How come you don't have thousands -- nay, millions -- more readers? Or DO you, and they're all clandestine? Does your machinist's world more or less preclude serious day-by-day blogging?

Finally, and in general, any blog that references Kinky Friedman, Phil Dick, and the cowboys' (a la Dusty and Lefty) Sherlock Holmes is a blog to be reckoned with. And that's even before such throwaway comments as being the life of the party if you ever went; and more plastic than a bottled water truck.

I just got down to San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, Fredericksburg, and much of the rest of the Hill Country for the first time last December. Fine country indeed, and you must know that the current drought -- along with the Cal Bears' 2011 CWS demolition of six (6) teams from Texas -- is merely delayed-fuse revenge against those goddam jerkwaters from Enron and the havoc (even chaos) they wreaked in California back around the turn of this current millennium.

I live in Colorado now, and will probably (assuming the putative otloml proves to be [a] my otloml after all; and [b] up for this move) be moving to far northeastern coastal Maine before Norwegian Independence Day (17th May) next year. Actually, come to think of it, I'll probably be moving regardless. Anyway, no lingering hard feelings, none at all. (Except, of course, in next year's CWS: Go Bears!)

Actually I was quite -- and unexpectedly -- impressed with the UT campus in Austin on that trip last year. Wanna know why? Because it looks like Berkeley! That's why. But UCB is spending $321 million to jerk their stadium into the same neighborhood as Darrel Royal, and I can tell you it may work out okay, but it still ain't worth it. Nobody's fault there but the Hayward and San Andreas, however (little geography/geology joke there; see also below).

If you can ever shake a few minutes loose from machining whatever, drop me an e-line. Meanwhile I'll start doing some serious blog research (you're pretty much the first blogger I've ever bothered to do that for, or with). I assume I'll find Jerry Jeff Walker in there somewhere.

Also as hinted above, and in case it ever comes up, I'm a geographer: a compleat, at-large, altmogeleg (norsk again: everything-possible) geographer. Got a website of my own, too, but until it's more than just a shell (next week, maybe?), I'll mostly keep my own counsel on it.

Tres excellent work, Mistah Winthrop. Let's both stay tuned.

Norm Hetland

Anonymous said...

Can you possibly find a worse picture of Olivia Newton John? Everyone on the face of the planet Takes an unflattering picture every now and then. I'd say 99.9% of the photos of Olivia even untouched she's beautiful. She's always been beautiful on the inside.