Barguments #10

From page 240:  Name the five best sitcoms of all time.

I love comedies, whether they be movies, T.V. shows or even catching a stand-up show on Comedy Central.  I ike stuff that makes me laugh almost as much as I like making people laugh myself.  And I'll give every show that (purports to be) a comedy at least a couple of shots before I trash them.  For instance, I tried to watch "The Office", but I think its just stupid.  Maybe because I work in a different environment it just doesn't hit me the same way it does others.

On the other hand, I enjoyed working class blue-collar comedies like "Taxi", so maybe it is that different environment thing that runs my comedy sensibilities.

To get to the best, I will start out, as I am wont to do, running them down from #5 to #1.

5.Three's Company:  I don't know if this show would fly in today's politically correct world.  Not a guy living with two girls.  I mean a straight guy pretending to be gay.  The reason it made it in the 70's was because the idea was not deemed offensive, but I think it would be today.  "Will and Grace" worked in the modern era because the characters actually were gay.  And the landlords (Audra Lindley and Norman fell in the first half and Don Knotts in the last half) were all great as supporting characters.

4. Sanford and Son:  Of all the comedies geared towards an African-American audience, this is the one that appealed most to me.  The love-hate dysfunctional relationship between Lamont and his father Fred made #4 on my list because I always made sure that I was in front of a T.V. when it came on (even when I was on family vacation...)

3. Night Court: The goings on in a New York judicial system was absolutely hilarious before John Astin started making regular appearances oin  the show, but the addition of him as a ditzy stepfather of Harry Stone was the best thing that happened in the show.

2. Seinfeld: I never had a neighbor like Kramer.  I never had a ego-centric emotionally unstable friend like George, and I never had a needy ex-girlfriend like Elaine, but i related to the show because i could see elements of the characters in my own life.  {The apology" episode was the funniest, even before I joined A.A. myself.)

1, Taxi: Number one on my show list.  I wanted to date Elaine Nardo.  I wanted to party with Reverend Jim.  I wanted Alex to be my best friend.  I wanted, just once, to have a chance to kick Louie DePalma in the kneecap.  The show was only slightly funny in the early years, but when Chritopher Lloyd was added as Reverend Jim it got to be another regular weekly ritual.  See the episode where Jim takes his driver's test to be a taxi driver.

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Daisy said...

I'm not sure what my top five would be, but I like all of your choices. So many of the older shows like these are better than what is on TV now.