First Lady: First Time Traveller?

According to Karl Rove, who was subbing for Rush Limbaugh on Monday's radio broadcast, The First Lady, Ms. Obama, would have been better serving the interests of the people of the United States if she had spent her current vacation in the "Estados Unidos" rather than "Hispaniola".  Those were his words, not mine.

Unfortunately, the First Lady is in Spain (EspaƱa).  Unless something new has happened in the Obama administration, she could not be in Hispaniola even if she wanted to be.  Hispaniola is the former name for the island which now comprises the independent countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic.  It is on most maps I looked at as that, not as Hispaniola. It hasn't been Hispaniola for well over 150 years.

But if I am wrong and Karl Rove is right, then I want to volunteer my services to the country and be the next person to be sent back in time.  Maybe I could be the one to settle once and for all the age old question of who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp.

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