Lets try this again.

OK, so this makes about 100 times that I have said I'm going to be more diligent in my blogging (if you add the number of times I've promised on ...and then I read, my book report blog. (Which by the way hasn't had a new report since sometime last year, but I hope to rectify that soon).

My job has granted me 10 hour days plus as of this week, mandatory overtime on Saturdays too. Which means I will have to bust my butt to keep to my promise to do this schedule, but I will try my damndest. Note any holidays will disrupt the schedule due to the library being closed, but otherwise, I will make this my schedule for posts.

I am moving my movie night to Saturday. so we start out like this:

Sunday: Saturday Night at the Movies: Same as before, I will review a movie, most of the time it will be one I borrowed from the library, but occasionally I will rent new releases.

Monday: Barguments: A book I just bought which has interesting discussions you can debate in a bar. I will be giving my answers to the questions.

Tuesday: Bingo of the Week: for Scrabbleheads, I will hightlight a seven-letter bingo for use. Most of the time I will try to find more obscure ones that you might not think of even if you have the tiles needed.

Friday: Friday Funnies: Jokes, humor, cartoons, something to kick of your weekend.

Bear with me on this schedule, I will make every effort to follow it.

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