Not this time, 'Boys.

I live in what Dallas Cowboy fans smugly crow is "Cowboys Country" (although the city where I live is about 50+ miles closer to Houston than Dallas, so it really is more Texans Country, but a high IQ, or even the semblance of an IQ period, was never a requirement for status as a Dallas Cowboys fan...). I am not alone in this area as a fan of the other team when it comes to the Cowboys, but I do consider myself the ultimate anti- Dallas fan. To wit: If my other team's winning a game means the Cowboys go to the playoffs, I will root for my team to lose. That hasn't been the case yet, but if it ever does happen, watch and see if I don't.

It never fails around here. They beat an inferior team and all of a sudden, Super Bowl rings are in the definite future THIS season for Cowboy fans. I told any of them who would listen, which admittedly were few and far between, that Minnesota was not Philidelphia, either as a team or a venue for a game. The Minnesota Vikings play in a domed stadium, and anyone who has ever been to one can tell you, domed stadiums are rough for the visiting team (and their fans). Noise is a big factor, especially if the home team gets an early start. I only watched the game, but TV has a way of bringing it live and in color into your own living room these days, what with improvements in technology.

So it is with great happiness that I watched the Vikings destroy the Cowboys chances of a Super Bowl visit once again. The final straw that breaks the camel's back and makes Cowboy fans jump ship? I'm nowhere near that idealistic. But it will shut up the guys at work about a Super Bowl this year. So peace will reign until next month, when the draft happens, and they start up again about "Look who we got this year... Super Bowl." Yeah, shut up.

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